whole dough

All our doughs are artisan

Our pizza dough and the bread that serve at the restaurant are homemade. Our effort is to serve the  traditional and natural ingredients, healthy, without additives or preservatives.

We have learnt of the best, that has deposited at us all his knowledge to be able to track like this with the traditions and make that they do not miss.

The whole dough, is not other thing that the natural yeast, that ingredient that makes possible that the bread grow of bulk and that at his dock create small bubbles of air.

Since a biological point of view, the too many dough would define how a broth of crop at what live thousands of good bacteria that devote at transforming the elements of the flour at carbonic anhydride.

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Làctics L’Esquella

Bellver de Cerdanya-Lleteria de la Cerdanya

A familiar project, of two veterinarians that since makes years work with the cows of the Tall Urgell and Cerdanya, been born of the passion for the lactic, the good supply and the esteem for the rural environment, that wants to apropar at everybody the best quality and the most natural flavours, elaborated artesanalment at the obrador own of Bellver of Cerdanya in addition to 1.000 metres of altitude.
At the phase of creation of this project gave a lot of importance at the transparency and decided to make the obrador at the centre of the people of Bellver, entirely visible and opened at everybody that want to meet the process of elaboration of his products.

Meet the process of elaboration and the provenance of the products that eat contributes directly at that our consumption was more ethic and responsible. @lacticslesquella elaborate his products with fresh milk, pertinent of some cows that graze at the feet of the Cadí, at the Molí of the Clota (Prullans), that collect daily,.
Of the ingredients with what produce his lactic meet the origin, the persons that elaborate the ones and how make the ones.

They bet for a healthy supply and of proximity. Everything are pertinent natural products of the territory of mount at what develop his activity. And one of our preferred of among the yoghourts, the milk and the cheeses, is the Spun of the Esquella.

Tracking the philosophy of these two been mad by the lactic and the good supply, have integrated the Spun at our card, making it present at our salads, with products of km0, and also at our pizzas, elaborated by we, with too many mother, artesanalment.


Masia Els Fontirons


Small familiar company situated at the Espunyola (Berguedà).
Devoted at the agrarian exploitation and farmer of subsistence. It makes a few years magnified the bargain at the production and sale of lactic products: yoghourts, flams, cake of cheese, eggs, fresh cheese…


Cal Casal


Núria reached Ossera the year 1979, accompanied of Alfons. They were young and did not like the ones the encarcerament of the city; they wanted to live free and, the most important, of the resources that offered them the nature. It was not easy, had to work a lot!

40 years next, the world tracks advancing at a meteoric speed, and at Ossera also have adapted . Ara have road asphalted, wifi and a lot of more comforts, but the essence is the same: live of the that make, with the maximum respect for the nature and for his tempos. And that make?… then some jams, jellies, pâtés of mushrooms and chutneis that they go direct at your palate and at your health. It posed the name of the home at his products: Jams It Is necessary Casal.

35 years of experience have given to create a sixtieth of distinct types of flavours, of the most varied composition and combination.Impossible specialities to find at big quantities, products of author, exclusive, that contribute pleasure and that enrich mellow and salty dishes, that matisen and improve the flavours.

Jams of author, with ingredients and products of proximity. They do not take preservatives or artificial additives: dark-haired sugar of ecological agriculture and juice of lemon are sufficient to maintain them for a long time in mint condition.

The jams, jams, jellies, chutneis and pâtés of mushrooms are an excellent mode to transform and conserve the products of season; a form to lengthen them at the time, to consume them when, in the winter, already only stays #the record.cadascun of the pots of jam that exit of his obrador contains a scrap of his soul and of the big love and respect for the product, a lot of patience and time. Precisely this philosophy and this mode to make, is what goes us enamorar and is what now want to transmit at our dishes.

Núria’s jams form a perfect combination with our dishes of afters, our salads… and give him a value appended that we desire that you enjoy with the same passion that Núria pose at making the jams and the same passion that we pose at the creation of the dishes that will be able to taste.


Herboristeria Nogué


Suzette already makes month of thirty years that discovered the handsome people of OSSERA in the Pyrenees Catalan. It liked him so much -the views on the vale and the mounts, the virgin nature, the full forests of mushrooms…- that goes quedar.treballa at the area, culturing aromatic and medicinal herbs ecological.

Han a lot of past years, at present his one small familiar company Herboristeria Nogué, with a small shop at the people. It offers a selection of aromatic herbs and medicinal herbs. The Climate of mount and the accurate handmade work, plantation, recol·lecció, dried and manipulation guarantees some medicinal and aromatic plants with all his aroma and better properties.

To guarantee the quality of his products, have the Registry of the Catalan Council of the Ecological Agrarian Production (CCPAE), Registry of health and a bacteriological control. At us liked us a lot can offer Suzette’s infusions at the ours restaurant.

They like us the natural products, echo and facts for persons how she, that knows , that has dedication and passion for the that makes and like this is very difficult, think impossible, that the things do not exit well!!!

At our restaurant will be able to enjoy of a lot of type of infusions, digestive, refrescants, afruitades, that give a toc round after a good meal.


L’Hort d’en Silvestre


At the middle of the street of Bagà there is an edifice that belongs at the Foundation Salarich Calderer. The door of the edifice is opened practically always and inside find Silvestre with his orchard and with that smell that arrives you of the tomatoes at his kills, of the lettuce already ready for being harvested… Ecological orchard that farms already makes a lot of years, now aided for his son.

You find lettuces, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, tender garlics, potatoes, beans, mellow onions, tomatoes cherry, parsley, and coriander.

Silvestre, an Andalusian man by birth, of some nine decades roughly, devoted his life at the mine and once jubilat devotes  at body and soul at taking care his orchard. It attends you always with a smile, likes him that you accompany it at his orchard and explains you that has at each place. It is proud of his orchard and the truth has reason to be proud.


Cal Rafilat


Met like the of “Cal Rafilat”, his origins come from, of the farm of the same name sited at Sagàs, near Gironella, and of a soundly rooted family at the history of the Berguedà. Specialists at the elaboration of stuffings of tall quality since the year 1929, the experience and the “good make” have made the ones gross the trust and the fidelity of very a lot of customers, so much of the region and of the rest of Catalonia.

At Gironella’s his shop, Cansaladeria Mercè offers a wide gamma of elaborations artesanals and also fresh products of own slaughtering and also assist at most of fairs and traditional parties in and out of the region of the berguedà. Today, the third generation of this family has seized the thyme of the bargain, and this has permitted to increase the traditional offer with new and creative elaborations.

At Cal Rafilat make the slaughtering of traditional mode, serving as only of female porks and ecological porks.The elaboration is entirely handmade. They utilise only tripes natural and all the procedure is homemade.The drying, since 1929, make it at home, at the old part of the villa of Gironella. They have natural dryers and one of small of artificial. When the products exit of the dryer are revised one by one and envoys at Gironella’s his shop.


Xarcuteria Rosell

Cal Torán – Berga

Xarcuters since 1941. They offer products of own elaboration and of maximum quality. One of our products preferred is the pork Ral d’Avinyó.

It is a new race of pork raised exclusively in Catalonia.

The Ral d’Avinyó is a crossing among a male Berkshire, Anglo-Saxon, and a female Duroc, another rustic species. It powers especially of corn. How it fattens more slowly, his meat is tenderr and saborosa. It is a big pork that at his maturity can weigh among 115Kg and 130 #kg and that needs some 7 months to fatten, seven more weeks that a white pork roughly.

local products

trade of proximity

Now more than ever, we bet for the trade of proximity.
Each small local purchase, aid at maintaining open all the trades of the hovering.

Local trade